pups are no alwas cute

or are they

they are alwas cute

get a puppy and i want one bad

by a puppy when no one is looking and well get in trouble for two weeks

it`s worth it if it works

p.s.it won`t work

loving a puppy + wanting a puppy = needing a puppy

see puppys halp you learn!

what i just did was math + writing = learnig i even have to read this writeing

so tell your mother about this and she will say

are you crazy you know i don`t wan`t ah animals in the house

i would say i need to have it will halp me with learning

she would say thats not going to happen and if i here one more world about wanting a puppy it won`t be good

i will go up to my room and watch tv that is what will happen

if you have a mother like me

in fact here is a list of cind of moms you should NOT ask

  1. if your mom does not want an animal in the house
  2. if she get`s cold when it`s not cold

and kids alwaz remaber make you mom get you a dog and good luck.

this is gem saying double goooooooooooooooooooooood luck